Senior Dating Tips for Singles Over 60 (2)

Protect Yourself

Don't share your personal information right away, even if they seem really nice. That might come later.

If you talk on the phone, use *67 to block your number before you call. Assert your desire for privacy.

Meet in public when you decide to meet someone for the first time, like inside a coffee shop (not in a parking lot).

After the First Date

The first meeting just helps you determine if the other person is too crazy or weird for you. You can't really get to know them in one meeting. So if they pass the first test, progress to a dinner date. Enjoy yourself, and take it slow. Tell yourself "It's just a date, not the rest of my life."

Be interested and be interesting.

Spend more time listening than talking.

Don't talk about past negative relationships.

Talk about what interests you.

You're probably not looking for those same things in a date that you were looking for 20 years ago. Focus on finding someone you enjoy spending time with. You want to feel comfortable with the other person, because after all, you may end up spending the next several decades with your new mate. So don't rush it, just take your time.

Smart Dating

There are many people on the dating scene who are good hearted, honest people who just want someone they can enjoy and share life with. But there are many people with their own personal agends on the dating scene, as well. So don't believe everything you hear, but don't be a cynic, either. You'll be all right if you just take the time to learn as much as you can about someone before getting too serious. Find out where they have worked, and where they have lived. Meet their family. If you do discover someone is lying to you, then just move on to another relationship. There are many other singles over 60 out there. And after all, you're protecting yourself--your heart, family, your assets...and your future.

Go Get 'Em!

I've often heard it said, "There aren't any good people left out there! Everyone is looking for a younger man or woman. No one will want me?" Yet the statistics prove that is just not true! There are many people dating over fifty, and they're probably looking for the same thing as you: a person who is a great companion, and who takes good care of themselves. So for those dating over 60, don't lose heart--give it your all! So don't just sit around--be proactive! Just get up, open the door to your bright future, and you'll find that the best is yet to come.

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