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Senior Dating Tips for Singles Over 60 (1)


Dating over 60, is a sweeping phenomena that will only grow as medical advances allow the human race to live longer. The U.S. Census Bureau states that there are 97 million Americans age 60 or older, and of those, 36.2 million are singles--that's almost 40 percent! If you are singles over 60, dating and the singles scene is much different, and...

Senior Dating Tips for Singles Over 60 (2)

Don't share your personal information right away, even if they seem really nice. That might come later. If you talk on the phone, use *67 to block your number before you call. Assert your desire for privacy. Meet in public when you decide to meet someone for the first time, like inside a coffee shop (not in a parking lot). The first meeting just helps you determine if the other person is too crazy or...